Lax Wax was formulated out of necessity…

It's simple...we are lacrosse players from New England that manufacturer wax! At Lax Wax, we understand how wax works and how it bonds to leather and to textile fibers like nylon & polyester. Lax Wax is made in the USA by former NCAA lacrosse players. Players that still play. Players that have also coached at the collegiate and high school levels. Lax Wax is made by lacrosse players for lacrosse players.
We at Lax Wax have spent several years in development to come up with the product that is available today. We have worked closely with MLL, NLL, NCAA, MCLA and High School players to perfect our patent pending formula. We also had the post collegiate players, tournament teams and the old timers help us dial it to perfection.
Patent pending Lax Wax was developed because here in New England we have insane weather during the lacrosse season. Anywhere there is lacrosse, the weather can be brutal. If you are in the South East or North West the rain and humidity can bag  out your pocket. If you are in Texas or Arizona, the intense heat can dry out your strings. Anywhere there is lacrosse you will face adverse weather conditions, this is why we developed Lax Wax. Using Lax Wax with your existing pretreated nylon or synthetic mesh will increase the longevity of your pocket while creating a customizable level of tack and waterproofing. By using Lax Wax, you don't need to be concerned because your gamers pocket is not going to adjust because you can apply to your existing stick.  With Lax Wax, you can apply during the game from the sidelines and its effective immediately. No stringing. No breaking in. Its ready in seconds because its the stick you have been playing with.

In its easy to use twist up applicator, Lax Wax applies evenly and thoroughly throughout your mesh (hard or soft, wax treated or synthetic) or traditional pocket. You can use Lax Wax in your sidewalls and shooting strings element-proofing your entire pocket, not just the mesh. With Lax Wax, you can replace the cap and use the tube to work the wax deeper into the strings of your stick. Regardless of how you apply it, your pocket will feel the same as it did before but with a more control, increased release velocity and element-proofing. Lax Wax is an essential tool for any lacrosse players bag.