What is Lax Wax?

Lax Wax is a wax-based solution that players manually apply in the pocket of their lacrosse stick. Lax Wax works in traditional, hard, soft, wax treated or synthetic polyurethane mesh to provide tack for ball control and help protect the pocket, sidewalls and shooters from getting saturated with the elements, like water & mud. When Lax Wax is used with a hard mesh, with a little heat, Lax Wax can condition hard mesh in seconds and give the user a broken in pocket quickly. It can also makes a hard mesh pocket feel like a soft mesh as the wax gives the player the feeling of more ball control because the wax hugs the ball in the pocket. If the player plays with a soft mesh, the wax helps the ball release like a hard mesh and promotes an increased release velocity because you can bring the stick back a little further with out the ball falling out, generating additional torque, thus increasing the release velocity.


How does Lax Wax work?

Lax Wax penetrates and surrounds the strings of the pocket as well as the sidewalls and shooting strings to cover the entire pocket. The user controls the amount and can reapply at any time in seconds.


Why should I use Lax Wax?

With Lax Wax you can take a stick off the rack or your existing stick, no matter the pocket, apply and in seconds it is ready. If used on an existing stick, there is no break in time necessary and the player already knows how the stick will throw. Use Lax Wax to give yourself an edge over your competition! There is nothing that has ever existed in the lacrosse world that gives you the Element-Proofing of your pocket, the ball control (Ball-ipulation) to toe drag like a freak or tack to give you extra Gription in the bad weather.


Whats the difference between Lax Wax and "Water-resistant mesh" or wax treated mesh?

Wax treated meshes lose their water resisting characteristics in only a week or two. Because the mesh is "dipped" in a solution, it is not exposing the entire weave to the wax. When you string the stick, the first thing you do is spread out the mesh, this opens the weave and now it is exposed to the elements. In addition, with a water resistant mesh, you have to restring your stick. If you don't like the way it feels, you have to restring your stick again or get another stick. With Lax Wax, you can apply it to a stick off the rack, your current stick, a pre-treated mesh or any stick you see. It's ready in a matter of seconds and you already know how the stick throws because it's your game spoon! Also, Lax Wax waterproofs the shooting strings and sidewalls. It keeps them conditioned so they don't break. Even if you have a "Water-Proof" mesh, you need make it tacky and keep your shooting strings and sidewalls from breaking.

Why should I wax my strings?

We recommend that you not only use Lax Wax to coat your pocket (mesh or traditional) but also to keep your sidewalls free from drying out and breaking. We also recommend that you use Lax Wax on the shooting strings and top string, this will also keep them conditioned and less likely to break.


How long does Lax Wax Last?

Lax Wax can last an entire season or a year. It all depends on how often you apply it or how much you share with your teammates. The initial first few times you use Lax Wax, you should generously apply it to both sides of your pocket, shooters and sidewalls. You will have to apply several times in order to work the solution deeper into the fibers. You will find that after the initial first few applications, you start to feel the wax stay on the strings longer. After the initial applications, you wont have to use it as often. Or just touch the pocket up before a game or practice.


Where do I buy Lax Wax?

You can buy Lax Wax from any of our retail partners located on our Retailer page. You can also buy it directly from Lax Wax. waxed lax

How do I apply Lax Wax?

See "How to apply" page. Hold the lacrosse stick between your legs or have a fellow LaxBro hold it, turn the dial clockwise (SLOWLY) so a generous amount of wax is exposed. If its your first time applying to the pocket, rub a generous amount into the mesh of the pocket. Work it in the shooting strings and sidewalls. Both the inside and outside of the pocket. It is best if your stick is completely dry, but you can apply it to a slightly damp stick.


Can I use Lax Wax on a traditional strung head?

Absolutely! Leather needs to be conditioned too. Use Lax Wax to keep the leather straps from breaking while Element-Proofing and creating pocket Ball-ipulation. The wax will also help keep the interlocks in place. See the video "Vert Test" that was submitted by a Lax Wax user using a traditional pocket.

How often do I apply Lax Wax?

As much or as little as you want. That is the beauty of Lax Wax.  It doesn't need to be wet out if you want a sticky pocket or to increase your shot velocity.


Is Lax Wax legal - Is Lax Wax illegal?

Yes. If your pocket is legal to begin with, then you are all set! There are no NHFS or NCAA rules against a product like Lax Wax.


My Lax Wax won't retract?

Apply a little pressure on the top of the wax as you rotate the dial counter clockwise (to the left).

Do you have wholesale pricing?

Yes, please email us if you are a retailer: laxwax@lacrossewax.com


How do I take Lax Wax off if I don't like it?

Trust us, you'll like it! But if for some reason your teammates are complaining your making them look bad, play with it. The more you play with it, Lax Wax will work its way into the weave and any excess will flake off over time. The more Lax Wax you put on the pocket the harder it is to get off. You can take a heat gun or hair dryer and melt the remaining wax off.


What is the melting point?

Lax Wax has a melting point of 130-140 degrees. If you play in extreme heat, it is advised that you keep your tube of Lax Wax in a cool place. Your gear bag should be fine. The downside of keeping it in the sun, is that it will soften if left there for a while. If just left for a few minutes, the wax solution will become slightly softer making it easy to apply. Most find this to be better.