What is Lax Wax?

Wax treated meshes loose their waterproofing characteristics after a few weeks, exposing the weave of the mesh to the elements. Lax Wax rejuvenates the pocket to its original state, but filling in the weave. When Lax Wax is used with a hard mesh, with a little heat, it breaks in the hard mesh in seconds and provides tack to make it feel more like a soft mesh, giving the player more control when cradling the ball. If the player plays with a soft mesh, the wax will grip the ball giving the player more control and can assist increased release velocity by allowing the user to bring the stick a little further back to generate more torque.


In the illustration above, the left image is a cross-section of a woven strand of your mesh, sidewall or shooter (represented in WHITE). The RED represents Lax Wax and how it surrounds the strands of woven fibers as shown in the right image

How It Works: Lax Wax penetrates the strings of the pocket as well as the sidewalls and shooting strings to cover the entire pocket. The user controls the amount and can reapply at any time in seconds. With a pretreated waxed mesh, Lax Wax can freshen up the wax level giving the pocket a fresh coating of tack and waterproofing. As the player uses their existing wax treated mesh, it can deteriorate and lose its waterproofing capabilities in just a few practices. Using Lax Wax will rejuvenate the meshes waterproofing characteristics with a fresh coat.

Why Lax Wax: With Lax Wax you can take a stick off the rack or your existing stick, no matter the pocket, apply and in seconds it is ready. If used on an existing stick, there is no break in time necessary and the player already knows how the stick will throw.

For The Elements: You don't have to use Lax Wax just for the rain or snow. Even in the brutal dry climates like Texas & Arizona, your pockets need to be conditioned. If untreated they become brittle & dry and you will blow out a sidewall. By applying Lax Wax, you are conditioning your strings prolonging the life of your pocket (Element-proofing).