Key Features

From the proving grounds of New England, the makers of Lax Wax came up with a multi-functional formula that is revolutionizing lacrosse with our 4 key features:

The Lax Wax conditioning formula allows you to use your game stick (or a stick off the rack) in the worst of weather conditions. We call it "Element-proofing" your stick. With Lax Wax, the gentle formula works into your waxed nylon or synthetic polyester mesh pocket, sealing it from the elements that can alter its characteristics. No Bagging!

Lax Wax provides just enough tack in your pocket to keep the ball in there just a little bit longer, we call that Ball-ipulation. With Ball-ipulation, you have better ball control when you cradle and shoot. The tack allows you to hold the ball in the pocket a little longer by using the additional friction. This will allow you to bring the stick back that much further to generate more torque for shooting. This can help increase your shot velocity.

With Lax Wax, you have the ability to rub a little on your gloves when your shaft becomes slippery as it rains. Since tape never holds when the shaft is wet, apply a light amount of Lax Wax onto the palm of your glove and you have instant Gription! FOGOs and Goalies love Lax Wax! When its dry out, our FOGO testers put Lax Wax on the top of their handle so their hands don't rotate as easy when facing off. With our goalie testers, they used Lax Wax on the top of their handle so their head doesn't rotate as easily when they save a shot.

When you are breaking in a semi hard or hard mesh, instead of using shampoo, conditioner or lotion to condition and break in the mesh, you can simply apply Lax Wax and use a little heat from a hairdryer or heat gun and melt the wax into the weave of the mesh. This will soften the pocket in just a minute or two giving you that nice broken in feel.